Horse & Farm Animal

 Horses and their associated skin care conditions.

Sturtevant’s Veterinary Remedies Large Animal Formulation is used to treat many skin irritations affecting horses. This multipurpose antiseptic powder is specially formulated to destroy harmful bacterial and fungicidal infection. The non-irritating formula is safe to use and highly effective in creating a dry, clean surface that promotes the healing process.

It is ideal for treating rain rot, thrush, galls, minor cuts and abrasions, burns, cracked heel and inflammation. In addition the powder can be mixed with small amounts of water to form a paste. The paste can be used as a poultice and is excellent for the treatment of heat and inflammation of the legs due to muscle or tendon strains and injury. It has been used by breeders, trainers, handlers and riders to successfully treat their horses and it has become a welcome addition to the medical supplies in their barns.


                               Treating Cattle and other working animals

Ranchers and other livestock professionals  have been using Sturtevant’s Large Animal formula to heal cuts and abrasions before infection sets in and as preventative medication for chafing.
Many working animals are prone to chafing due to their size. They are also liable to suffer frequent minor cuts and abrasions due to fencing. Infection can exacerbate these problems. Our large animal formulation may be used to keep wounds dry and clean and promote healing.

 Animal Care Tip

Cattle and other farm animals can get cut by fencing. Cattle can also get neck burn from using fences to scratch their necks. Decrease the instances of neck burn by preventing excessive scratching when you treat their itchy hides with Sturtevant’s Large Animal formula.


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