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Non-Steroidal Help for Pain and Itch

First Aid Essential

Cats, particularly long haired cats, and other house pets are often the victims of fungal infection. Fungal infections are very contagious and if left untreated can cause extensive hair loss, secondary infection, and scarring. They can also spread to family members and other household pets.

Sturtevant’s Veterinary Remedies Feline powder will be introduced very shortly.  Notable for its anti fungal properties that relieve the pain and itch associated with fungal infections and rashes.

To prevent re-infection,be sure to replace your pet’s bedding, brush, tub and towel.

Animal Care Tip

Animal rashes can be caused by many things besides fungal infections, including allergies, anxiety, and contact with certain household plants, such as chrysanthemum or creeping fig.

Steroids sometimes prescribed to combat pet rashes, can have severe side effects including kidney damage. In severe cases steroids may be the only alternative. However, before resorting to steroids for you pet’s skin irritation, ask your veterinarian about Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder. It’s safe and effective.



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