Anecdotes from Our Consumers

We literally have thousands of letters of praise
from customers over the years. This is a small sampling.



…Recently, I treated a colt whose stomach was ripped open while jumping over barbed wire. I used liberal amounts of your powder several times a day to treat the wound. The tissue healed remarkably well; there is barely a scar on the animal today. Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder is the most effective non-prescription medication I have ever used.




…I have a nine year old Blue Tic hound that had been receiving steroids for perianal tumors but was no longer responding to the treatments. His condition got so bad that I didn’t know what to do. A breeder suggested I try some Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder. Well, after about three weeks of daily use of your marvelous powder my dog began to respond. Within three months he was back to normal health! I have never known a product like this. I will always have a bottle on hand.



…I remember that my grandfather always kept Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder in the barn. Whenever his horses had abrasions or gall conditions he would treat them with the powder and the horses seemed to get better almost over night. I continue to use your powder on my three dogs and two cats. Nothing works better for taking care of their hot spots in the summer. Thank you for years of dependable aid!

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